Sorry, stereotypes, you can’t play.

With the passage and progression of Title IX over the last forty years, serious strides of have been made for the inclusion and equal treatment of female athletes. Yet, despite being allowed to participate in the same sports, women are held to a different standard during game play – no tackling, no hitting, no breaking a nail – there is no contact allowed at all. But for the female athletes who don’t want to miss out on the adrenaline invoking activity of taking another player down, there is women’s rugby.

It only takes a few minutes of watching a rugby match to realize that the game could not possibly be played without contact; there’s a lot of yelling, a lot of grunting, and a lot of girls hitting the ground … hard. There’s noting quite like it in the realm of women’s sports, which is why over the last few decades college-aged female athletes have been jumping on the opportunity to play. But with their new found love for what many perceive as a “man’s” sport, rugby girls are finding that dodging stereotypes can be just as challenging as dodging the opposing team.


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