Rethinking Bangor, Maine

When many people think of what a “Maine” city is , Portland’s waterfront cobblestone streets and bustling downtown are usually the first images their mind conjures. And  for much recent history, it is certainly true that Portland has been the metropolitan beacon for the state of Maine.

However, 130 miles north on Interstate 95, Maine’s third largest city of Bangor is staking its claim as to what it means to be a true Maine city. Already offering its residents and visitors easy access to destinations such as the Maine coast, the north woods, and Canada if you’re feeling whimsical – Bangor is now in the midst of a 5 year process of revamping it’s downtown cultural center.

With the addition of new locally-owned small businesses and restaurants as well as bars to vary it’s nightlife, the city of 33,000 is looking not only to grow, but to offer it’s established residents the chance to live their lives to the fullest.

As of 2014, this city of 33,000 became the youngest city in the state with a median age of 36. With the standard of living rising everywhere, even in Maine’s beloved Portland, young professionals are finding that Bangor’s new cultural developments paired with its affordability is making this up and coming city a great place to plant their roots.

Music by Stesha Cano and the Wicked Friggen’ Jerks.


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