Potholes, Potholes Everywhere!

UMaine Facilities Management is struggling to keep up with the havoc this winter has caused on campus roadways. Unfortunately there is very little the department can do to address these issues until better weather comes along.  


The world is crying Crimea’s river…

And Putin just wants them to get over it. While everyone in the Western world was still seeing St. Patty's green on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled a fast one on the global community and seized Crimea, a peninsula within Ukraine. The United States and the European Union are being quite clear with Mr. [...]

Executive orders just can’t shake the stigma

President Obama's State of the Union threat to use more executive orders to move legislation that Congress isn't acting on has caused a whirlwind of backlash for the Commander in Chief, who was already under fire before the SOTU for using what conservatives thought to be "too much executive power". According to the Washington Post, [...]

Washington is ‘Snapping’

And it's not in the way you would think. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky joined the Snapchat craze Wednesday as part of his efforts to connect with Americans of all ages. The social media service, which connects users via disappearing photo-messages, is quickly becoming one of the nations most popular social media platforms. Sen. Paul, [...]